Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love Story #5

Dance with me, and if you love me, we will shine like the stars... He said it to make her laugh.
I just need to hold your hand. She answered quietly.
Don't look back... please close your eyes. Feel the fresh wind blowing through your hair. He touched her face gently and moved closer to her. I'm here and everything is sparkling purple and blue...
Don't be afraid, hold me tight! He was so secure of his words as was his spirit strong, one of the many reasons why She loved him. They could hear the sound of the bullets closer. And even tough they were at the end of the cliff looking at the most beautiful landscape, they could feel some kind of deathly wave in the air. He held her in his arms.
Let us shine !!!
They looked into each others eyes, She was scared, her body was shivering. He looked at her and there was some kind of aura around him, something angelical. One moment of silence filled the place.
They knew, silently they agreed, and suddenly there was so much light.

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