Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Alexander Wang Fall 2010 

Channel Fall 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yen Magazine:

I love artsy & fashion Magazines, normally is there where I take the inspiration for my illustrations & designs, but lately it is really difficult to find a good magazine with not only fancy photos shootings or creative images but with good content. I'm tired of all those popular magazines like Cosmopolitan or Elle that are full of brainless articles, and the same old shit.

Anyways not long ago I went to Chapters, one of my favorite book stores in Vancouver, and scanning the section of Fashion the only magazine that caught my eye was "Zen" Magazine (Issue 42). This Australian Magazine was quite different than others. The first impression I got with cover was like - this is different - but I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. So I opened it to have a quick peek and right away, I took it home. I'm really picky in general but when I see something I like I just have to get it.

I really liked the editorial design (clean, simple and rich on photos) and the illustrations (by Bindi Booth) but the reason why I'm writing this post in particular is because of one article in particular, called "Children of the Revolution" by Elisse Pitt. I was impressed and touch by the words and the perception of what she calls 'Generation Y' or 'The Indigo Children'. I felt reflected as soon as I started reading the article. I have had some personal experiences (which one day I may write about here) that can confirm her perception and seeing it written down was very inspiring. The way she approached the topic based on studies and facts was also very interesting. "Difficult with authority", "respect must be earned", "Highly creative, highly sensitive", and "want to make a difference in the world" were all phrases that I felt could describe me.

Zen Magazine is not only a good looking magazine about fashion, music & art, but also has writers with a strong opinion on issues that are happening now, and that not a lot of people want to talk about. Thanks to Louise Stewart, Sarah Walters and Elisse Pitt. Keep the good work !!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love Story #5

Dance with me, and if you love me, we will shine like the stars... He said it to make her laugh.
I just need to hold your hand. She answered quietly.
Don't look back... please close your eyes. Feel the fresh wind blowing through your hair. He touched her face gently and moved closer to her. I'm here and everything is sparkling purple and blue...
Don't be afraid, hold me tight! He was so secure of his words as was his spirit strong, one of the many reasons why She loved him. They could hear the sound of the bullets closer. And even tough they were at the end of the cliff looking at the most beautiful landscape, they could feel some kind of deathly wave in the air. He held her in his arms.
Let us shine !!!
They looked into each others eyes, She was scared, her body was shivering. He looked at her and there was some kind of aura around him, something angelical. One moment of silence filled the place.
They knew, silently they agreed, and suddenly there was so much light.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Música, Arte,Naturaleza con un poco de fragilidad; una combinación musical que llega a mi mente y es perfecta para tomar una taza de te y empezar a escribir este blog que por tanto tiempo ha estado deambulando en mi mente. Coco Rosie es un dueto de hermanas, Bianca (vocales/ percusiones) & Sierra (arpa/ vocales) uno de mis nuevos descubrimientos musicales. Lo encontré por medio de Nylon Magazine. Viendo un video de alguna de las muchas fiestas de esta revista; quede como encantada cuando las vi cantando en vivo, me recordó a la primera vez que escuche una canción de Bjork, y me llego una melancolía de la infancia junto con los sonidos de percusiones de juegos para niños. La tranquilidad y la voz melódica de las dos hermanas hicieron que por un momento me viera a mi misma siendo parte de algún cuento de fantasía.En Mayo 2010 saldrá su cuarto disco "Grey Oceans". Y como mi primer Post en Artic Pop... comparto uno de mis videos favoritos > Hairnet Paradise de CocoRosie.